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  1. The Catholic Prayer Movement “Society for Vocations” began in Russia in 2002 and tries to put into practice the teaching of Christ: “The harvest is much, but the workers are few.  Pray therefore that the master of the harvest may send workers to the fields.” (Matthew 9, 37-38).
  2. Each member of the society promises to pray one “Hail Mary” every day with the intention of bringing forth holy vocations in their homeland (vocations to the priesthood, to consecrated life, and for the formation of holy families, praying also for each other).

    Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee, Blessed art thou among women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.  Amen

  3. The Society for Vocations concerns itself with new vocations and gives support to those who wish to discern their vocation and say yes to the Lord. The forms of support are: daily prayer and meetings of the participants, for example, pilgrimages, seminars, retreats, vacations.
  4. The participants of the Society for Vocations understand that God calls all people to sanctity and only by following the path of yearning for God is it possible to discern one’s specific vocation: whether priestly, religious, matrimonial, or some other way of life that is consecrated to God. Every participant belongs to a particular parish, an ecclesial communityin which he or she should be able to grow spiritually in a systematic way using the usual spiritual resources: daily meditation on God’s Word, frequent confession and Communion, and spiritual direction.
  5. The prayer commitment, which is the link uniting the participants of the Society, is to recite one Hail Mary every day. Its observance is easy, minimal, realistic, and should be persistent.
  6. Over the past years the development of the Society for Vocations has witnessed the formation of a group of Animators who exercise a special care for the affairs of our movement, for the other participants, and for the growth of the Society as a whole.
  7. The Society for Vocations is a prayer movement of the Catholic Church without a canonical structure. The founder and the person responsible for the spiritual program of the movement is a Catholic priest, Father JaroslawMitrzak, who has the blessing of the diocesan bishop of Saratov, Russia, where he labors for the spiritual care and development of the Society.
  8. Patron Saints:
    • St. John Paul II
      He understood and loved young people, and was loved in return by them. In a simple way and not only from the pulpit, but also in the great outdoors, on vacation, he witnessed in word and deed about God, and about people’s path to God, about people’s vocations, the path of sanctity. The feast day is October 22.
      Personal experience that was important in deciding on the the patron saint of the Society of Vocations.
      On September 1, 1995, after Mass at Castel Gondolfo while with a group of priests, I approached Pope John Paul II and asked his blessing for my service in Siberia that was soon to begin. The Pope took me by the hand, looked me in the eye and with his special smile asked:” What will you do there?” I did not expect such a question and tried to find an answer. The Pope said, “I know what you will do there and I give you my blessing for that.” Praying about that for a long time, after the Pope’s death, at his tomb I entrusted the Society to his intercession.
    • The Most Holy Virgin Mary
      The Hail Mary unites us.St. John Paul II gave us his example (TotusTuus) of how to entrust ourselves to the intercession of Mary (the feat day of October 7).
  9. Those who wish to join the Society for Vocations should make the request in written form: “I, surname and name, from city, country, join the Society for Vocations and I promise to pray one Hail Mary every day for the intention of priestly and religious vocations from my country.” Use the Contact us link. Then you will receive confirmation of your acceptance into the Society.
  10. You may write us concrete prayer requests. Contact us.
  11. You may contact us for any questions and we will be glad to answer you. Feedback.

We invite you to pray at this very moment for priestly and religious vocations and for all who discover their own vocation and be faithful to God.